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Do you know your rights?

Do you find it difficult to enforce your rights under the law because you do not fully understand what those rights are?

Or do you feel lost for words when you need to write a letter, or when you need to stand up for your rights verbally?

Unfortunate Fact:

Many people who depend on the assistance they receive from their service or emotional support animal do not understand their rights, and unfortunately, that lack of knowledge can allow landlords, employers, schools, business owners, and others to violate their legal rights.


  • Do you know what the legal difference is between a service animal and an emotional support animal? Can one animal be both?
  • Do you know the requirements for flying with a service animal? Do you know how those requirements are different for flying with an emotional support animal?
  • Do you know what a landlord’s obligations are for allowing assistance animals in a tenant’s home? Do you want a fill-in-the-blank letter template you can use when communicating to your landlord that you have an assistance animal?
  • Do you know how to respond to a restaurant or retail business owner who asks you to take your service animal out of the business location?

Unfortunately, Abuse is Everywhere

  • Many landlords take advantage of their disabled tenants by denying them the right to have an assistance animal or by imposing illegal requirements like extra pet deposits!
  • Many business owners mistreat disabled customers who bring their service animals to restaurants, shops, and other retail locations by embarrassing them, harassing them, refusing service, or asking them illegal questions about their medical conditions!

Education is critical! Knowledge is Power

Sadly, many disabled owners/handlers of assistance animals do not have access to a low-cost attorney and are not informed enough to fight for their own legal rights…

But luckily, online education and the right tools (like a registration certificate and the right letter worded correctly) can help owners/handlers enforce their rights and avoid disputes!

Introducing the Solution

That’s why we have created the ultimate educational online course and template download toolkit.
This complete course includes tutorial videos to teach you about your rights, and tools like letter templates (drafted by an attorney) and fill-in-the-blank notices you can use to assert those rights.

Course Contents:

Step-by-step video modules on topics like:

  • Dealing with a landlord
  • Traveling with an assistance animal
  • Communicating with your physician or therapist to request a doctor’s note the easy way
  • Eating out at restaurants with a service animal
  • Income tax considerations related to assistance animals
  • Legal definitions for the types of assistance animals
  • Whether a person may have multiple assistance animals or just one per owner
  • Whether exotics such as snakes or pot-belly pigs qualify
  • Whether a landlord may charge pet rent or an extra deposit
  • Whether registration or certification is required under law
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates / letters such as:An accommodation request letter to give to a landlord
  • An accommodation request form to hand to a ticket agent when flying a commercial airline
  • An easy-to-fill-out form you can give to your physician or therapist to request a doctor’s note that they can simply sign
  • A notice you can print out to hand to any business owner who attempts to violate your rights, to show that owner you know your legal rights

These templates will help you:

  • Ask your landlord to accommodate your assistance animal
  • Inform an airline check-in agent that you will be traveling with your assistance animal
  • Ask your medical doctor or therapist to sign the form describing your need for the animal (making it easy for that person to help you by eliminating the need for a typed letter – all the doctor or therapist needs to do is sign their name!)
  • Give your employer a written request for a reasonable accommodation in the workplace
  • Put someone on notice if they are violating your rights

(includes PDF templates for forms, letters, and notices)

MODULE 1: Legal Definition of an Assistance Animal
MODULE 2: Assistance Animal Housing Rights
MODULE 3: Assistance Animal Air and Ground Travel
MODULE 4: Animal Accompanying You in Public
MODULE 5: Assistance Animals in the Workplace
MODULE 6: When Someone Violates Your Rights
MODULE 7: Tax Benefits of an Assistance Animal
MODULE 8: "How to" for Therapy Animal Visitations

This Coursework is Designed to Save You Money:

This Do-It-Yourself course could help you avoid needing an attorney and thus save you a lot of money in legal fees!

But of course, there is no substitute for one-on-one legal advice, so you should consult with an attorney if your legal issue needs particular advice (this course is educational only, and teaches general principles which may not apply to every situation). The downloadable templates were designed for use in general situations.

The Low Cost Will Buy You Peace and Confidence:

Ask yourself: What is your time worth? What is your peace of mind worth?

What would it cost you to lose the right to have your assistance animal by your side?

What would it cost you to hire someone to write these templates and form letters for you?

What would it cost in gas, tuition, and time to drive to a local college to take a course in disability laws? Does your college even offer this type of course??

Course Pricing Designed to Promote Access:

We have designed this course to make it extremely affordable and easy to sign up for in order to promote education, access, and equality for all.

If you choose the ALL ACCESS PASS, then for a one-time, low-cost tuition, you will have access to the video modules, letter template downloads, and fill-in-the-blank forms for a full 2 years, including any updates made to the tools if laws change!

These tools are a must-have for every owner/handler of an assistance animal!

What are you waiting for?

This course will teach you about your rights, and will give you the tools you need to enforce those rights, all for an affordable tuition.

Start Your Coursework Today!

Register for this important course right now to receive instant access to all the lesson modules, attorney-drafted templates, and downloads.

See you soon!

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